FiveM update - March 18th, 2017

We’ve pushed an update to the canary branch, which will be pushed to prod once someone verifies it works. This fixes a total of one :bug: and adds some code to handle other cases of the same bug. :map:

(o btw its on prod now :confetti_ball:)

Summarized changelog

  • Add logging for long LoadObjectsNow calls. If any of these happens during gameplay, a really big entry will be written to CitizenFX.log. :scroll:
  • Show LoadObjectsNow log data in ResourceCacheDevice::EnsureFetched errors. :x:
  • Remove blocking LoadObjectsNow calls caused by: :mailbox:
  • Loading collisions. This defaults SET_GAME_CAN_PAUSE_FOR_STREAMING to false. :boom:
  • Loading .gfx files upon entering MP mode. :family_men_boy:
  • The above fixes quite a few causes of ResourceCacheDevice::EnsureFetched errors. :snail:

Developer information

If your server now ends up spawning people falling through the ground, try adding the following to spawnmanager.lua:




        while not HasCollisionLoadedAroundEntity(ped) do

This is a necessary consequence of not blocking the streamer anymore when loading collisions.


hi! could you guys fix so you can run fivereborn as an administrator? or fivereborn launch gta as an administrator? I cant play the game if is not running as an administrator :confused:

[quote=“kiilp, post:2, topic:8582, full:true”]I cant play the game if is not running as an administrator :confused:

Something is wrong on your end then because everyone else can play just fine without running FiveM as an administrator.

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Well i can play it but just with enhancedfivereborn if i have something else like pld or els it will crash, if i launch gta as an administrator it wont crash so it has to be the same thing with fivereborn i guess

I really think it’s on your end, you might wanna check your account settings to make sure you’re an administrator.

On Topic; Thank you for the update!

If you need help, create a topic in the support forums. Your issue has nothing to do with this update.

Thanks for the update! Will the version reporting be fixed before SHV is removed? I hoped to make my mod a bit more compatible, but I was greeted with [12:20:37.143] Game version VER_1_0_393_2_NOSTEAM again ^^’

I had this issue. I made a new windows account and it was fine.
I think something messed up when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 with permissions etc.

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