FiveM update - March 17th, 2017

A minor bugfix update has been pushed to the production branch after making it through the canary channel and passing brief smoke tests. Who needs a dev channel? :boom:

Summarized changelog

  • Error messages from servers (kicking and so on) don’t show garbage at the end anymore. :recycle:
  • We forgot these lack a null terminator. Whoa!
  • Empty POST to a NUI callback doesn’t crash the game anymore. :crab:
  • Extra if statements for the win!
  • Increase phInstGta pool size to 16384. :deciduous_tree:
  • This has been a persistent question by some persistent people who persistently insist on placing trees with (persistent) dynamic collision that… persist until the map segment unloads.
  • Improve network sync performance in case of CPU starvation. :snail:
  • Basically, don’t run RageNetSend in a separate thread (that runs at ‘below normal’ priority), but run this from the main game thread. This will result in hopefully-noticeable improvements running the game on various configurations, from :sweet_potato: PCs to 4-core/4-thread systems (i5, for instance).

Have fun!


One player on my server gets a phInstGta pool size 16384 error, Is this because of the trees on my server? anyway to fix this other than removing the trees?


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2 years, 2 fucking years. Create a thread in support.

2? nah, more like 1 and a half. This thread is about what im searching for and I’iv never gotten any answers in the support so why would I? even more so with your atitude…

Nice, thanks so much for fixing the problems.