FiveM update - June 5th, 2017

A bug fix update has been released to the production channel. This one has been cooking as :bird: for a while!

#Summarized changelog

  • Increase the default decorator limit. :notebook_with_decorative_cover:
  • Update the CitizenFX.Core build for client usage. :construction_site:
  • Possible fixes for a few bugs. :ant:
  • UI changes:
  • Batch ping results to prevent UI latency. :signal_strength:
  • Fix ‘direct connect’ returning invalid server results. :relieved:
  • Fix the broken sculpture on Venice Beach. It’s the original compass-looking thing now! :art:
  • Changes for NetLibraryV2 client. This mainly affects FXS. :desert:
  • Crashes now show hashes of the crash type to prevent people from saying “I have the exact same error” when they don’t. :boom:
  • enqueue dynamic resource starts
  • now, if multiple msgResStart are sent (as with dependencies or with mapmanager-style behavior), the next resource will only be downloaded and started once the first resource is started.
  • this basically affects server console stop/start/restart usage, or START_RESOURCE on the server.
  • Fix a possible crash when restarting resources.

Nice work guys. although i want to ask something, you people said once “windows 7 support dropped” do you mean it isn’t compatible at all with windows 7? or you wont help anyone with windows 7…

No help for Win7 users.

Are you 100% sure about that? Because i haven’t updated because of the support drop and would like to know before i update…

Pretty sure. Just be aware that if anything breaks on Windows 7, it ain’t getting fixed.

Pretty sure I just got an update. Like REALLY sure.

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You’ll still get the updates they release. It just isn’t supported anymore. For example if there was a bug that had something to do with Windows 7 OS it wouldn’t be fixed.

I would 100% recommended upgrading your OS, I was curious at first but we need to stay with the times. Windows 10 performes a lot better than 7, just saying.


Please add the menu to store the server offline
save ip to direct connect or favorites
our save ip to auto joiner
This is a much needed simple

I agree with you. now Windows 10 is a lot better performance than 7

Alright thanks so much

Thanks for the broken stucture guys :wink:

Huh? What?

“Fix the broken sculpture on Venice Beach. It’s the original compass-looking thing now! :art:

Thank you! This one was soooo annoying!