FiveM Street Begging Made By Kael Scripts

FiveM Street Begging Made By Kael Scripts




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esx pls ?


Too funny, thanks for this.
We will have fun arresting all thoose beggers

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Switch to QB i did it also after years hearing esx/legacy will be the future….


Nice mate :+1:.

im not switching to QB just because others prefer it i like ESX QB has constant resource issues

You don’t have to offcourse, i can only say i am glad i made the switch after years. Changing my scripts to QB atm

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Hello Kael

First of all, thank you for making this script. When I was looking for scripts to setup a server I found this gem and I made the server in QBcore just because of this script.

I installed it and when I tested it, it wouldn’t give me an Item. It said Item doesnt exist. Therefore I looked at your code and put the 2 items into the QB-Core\shared\items file and moved the the pictures into QB-inventory\html\images and then everything worked.

Now I really would like to set a pre-defined place where you need to stand for begging (for example: only infront of PD, or only at legion square) in order to beg OR that the police receive a notification after a few minutes with the players coordination or a ping on the map where the player is standing. This will enforce the police/begging roleplay interaction otherwise the begger can hide somewhere and get money without the police noticing it.

Will you add something like that in your release? That would be really amazing!

Have a great day and again thank you for this amazing script.

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First of all thanks for all the afford xD
Yes i will add a zone system later on as you know this script is open source