FiveM Story Mode trainer plugin suggestion for a default install using the stable build

I have been thinking about getting back into FiveM’s Story Mode as a way to create a custom savegame that I have specified, but in order to get it done quick I need a good suggestion for a Story Mode specific trainer plugin I can use for the default game build loaded up within FiveM’s desktop shortcut.

In the past, I have played FiveM Story Mode in v1603 with Simple Trainer v11.0 acquired via the GTA 5 mods website (Google it for more details) and it worked pretty flawlessly, but in recent times it stopped working outright even when it was put into the plugins folder of the FiveM AppData directory.

In short, which Story Mode trainer plugin would you recommend for the stable default build of FiveM?

BTW if this happens to be in the wrong forum, please don’t hesitate to move it to the Support section.


And when I say custom savegames, I mean sticking to the factory default assets that came with GTAV on PC that are only available on Story Mode, and absolutely NO third-party add-ons whatsoever. I want to keep my savegames to the Rockstar Games specification.