Fivem Steam ID user

Hey i got a problem with the steam id fivem using

there is a server BadlandRP that uses steam id, and i really want to play that but my problem is that the fivem using the same steam id or idk what. i have 2 accounts with GTA v. one my friend use and one i. so when i try to get in to the Badlandrp server with my steam its loggin to my friend’s account. when i asked in the forum of the server they told me try to relog or quit the steam and get back but that wont work so if someone knows how to change the fivem steam id or somehow to relog to the fivem again. i tried to unistall and install the fivem many times and it wont do the work to

Have you tried logging out of your friend’s Steam account and logging into yours?

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We’re playing on different accounts, but it still logs me into his account.

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