FiveM Server warnings flood

Hi, quick follow-up to my previous thread (Another one, I know, but sorry, I am completely lost and EssentialMode seems to be needed for half the scripts I wanna run…) .
I got almost everything working for the exception of one thing, when I load the server, I get these errors:

What I did:

-Set up a MySQL database using WAMP and imported an SQL script that I got from a previous download of EssentialMode, configured the /server/player/login.lua file with my PMA credentials
-Uninstalled EM and all its files and reinstalling them only to be stuck on Initializing session and restoring a backup copy
-Tried to search for the .cs files that the console tells me about, only to find out that these files are probably compiled

What is happening on this server:

-You can log in fine, the only thing is that you start from zero again
-Everytime you move or select a weapon, the console starts flooding with those Greenlit errors and doesn’t stop until you stop moving
-If I reset the server (From scratch) and installing only EssentialMode and configuring the login.lua file, you get stuck on Initializing Session with nothing else inside the console

So there, I tried to explain the best I can. I am running a fresh install of FiveReborn Server with EssentialMode on a Windows Server 2012 if this helps.