FiveM server update - April 30th, 2017

The update has been respun at 2017-04-30T12:15Z to fix a critical bug that made servers not announce to the master.

Make sure you’re using 2017-04-30 ‘build 3’ - check RELEASE.txt.

A new FiveM server version has been released. This will be a mandatory update within 3 days from the release.

You can download the new server from cfx-server-7503609.7z.

This server contains a critical bug fix to prevent the issue with servers timing out from the master frequently.

The RELEASE.txt follows:

CitizenMP.Server (FiveM) - released 2017-04-30, build 2.

Contains cfx-server 1e1d83893fe1779a74448ff6c0f03b7c29ffeea5.

Changes from previous release (45c2dc72261272a913127d0cb88e67f93dd71055 -

$ git shortlog 45c2dc72261272a913127d0cb88e67f93dd71055..HEAD
nihonium (4):
      Add history of commands
      Fix code style, rework start of the history handling
      More neat command input boxxy

flerovium (13):
      PerformHttpRequest fixes for Lua thread contexts
      heartbeat time fixes
      factor out GameServer into GameServerImplV1, stage 1
      cleanup and more gameserverimpl refactoring
      WindowedLogger: not reborn? :/
      changes before breaking it
      fix SendReliableCommand call breakage
      gitlab ci config
      cleanup, remove nuget
      get rid of uhttpsharp
      restore first
      return server version in initConnect result
      fix challenge corruption in getinfo

Contains cfx-server-data aeab2edc5cb98ba1991f99b911462f40cf7b7e9e.

Changes from previous release (def0581d6d99fd2d5310dc12e017568ce25cfcab):

$ git shortlog def0581d6d99fd2d5310dc12e017568ce25cfcab..HEAD
ytterbium (3):
      ignore local resources
      change defaults
      spawnmanager: wait for collision

Avast detect virus WTF ?

My servers are no longer showing on the serverlist since updating them. Edit: Issue resolved with latest release

@■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ update coming soon?

wtf! Trying to mention CitadelServer and it just turns to squares!

getting a black screen with a load wheel on bottom right when we die… Not sure why. What changed spawn related?


my server don’t receives Kbps in and out

Any way to see commits that were made?

where does this get installed to on an admin pannel?

Loving this update!!!

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@■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Are you making an update for the servers on the one button install

After the last update this:

Don’t work anymore…

And my name choice in the master server setup does not work anymore :disappointed:

It is still working for me

Check if it is still in your AutoStartResources - List.

If you overwritten the citmp-server.yml you have to reconfigure it.

We are 3 people on the same server and we all experience that ‘Radar only while driving’ does not work anymore. There is nothing changed for us or on the server, only the update.
I’m sure the ‘lua’ file is executed as it should.
The server console say: ‘Start: Started resource RadarWhileDriving’…
So ?? :confused:.

I just checked it and it worked…

Is there something in the debug console about it?

Ohhh… I don’t know how I use the ‘debug console’ :flushed:

F8 opens a console in game which will list errors with client side scripts, but for server side then when you run the server, that is the window that pops up, unless you are buying hosting then unless they give you access to a log.

I test all my scripts locally so I can see the servers log before I upload them to the public server.

Okayy… No errors in both consoles, server and ‘F8’ console…

Thank you for debugging the server console and making it look pretty :wink: