Fivem Server name and garage glitch

My name is rayyan, I’m the owner of [removed ad]. I have two major problems with my server. The first bug is the server name changing after many players join and leave. This usually happens when the server hits around 17-25 players. The server name will switch from the normal name to default fx server. Can anyone please tell me why this is happening. The second bug is, one of my players has 39 cars in his garage. out of no where his garage stopped working disabling him from taking his cars out. he can view the menu and the cars list but he cant take it out. this happened with another member when they had a big amount of cars. why does this happen! thank you!

Do you use Zap or any host/vps provider?

You’re likely running the connectqueue resource and it’s set to modify the server name in the config.


so what setting in the fivemqueue would i have to change

Don’t think it’s a setting I think it’s a bug. Also in regards to the garage bug this is related to the specific garage addon that you use. You should contact the addon created and inform them you have issues when people have more than x amount of cars.

Ok, thank you!