Fivem Server List API

I was doing some research on server list indexing and found this old topic from 2020: API

The ip listed in the topic ( gives me the following message when I try to connect to it, leading me to believe this is no longer a valid method for obtaining server list information via an api.

Is there still an endpoint at to index server listing data or has all of that functionality been privatized?

Thanks for any info!

Good question, I’d like to know this too, any insight @d-bubble?

The /streamRedir/ endpoint is the only thing that still should be used. See the relevant code: fivem/fetchers.ts at a5c270439ddb3bbb1fc4e7d02cb5593be84a9b89 · citizenfx/fivem · GitHub

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Perfect, thank you!

@RageOps The answer you’re looking for is:[SERVER HERE]