Fivem Server Artifact outdated afther new install

Hey everyone ,
This morning i got a new vps on windows , to make my dev server ,
i did a clean install from fivem with qbcore
so totally new and clean ,
and i got direcktly messafe that my server artifact are outdated ,
anyone know how this is possible ?
server artifact version i use is = 6645

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Server artifacts are often updated. You can track the progress either through github or through the serving portal itself.

Windows: /artifacts/fivem/build_server_windows/master/ / FiveM Artifacts

Linux: /artifacts/fivem/build_proot_linux/master/ / FiveM Artifacts

The latest build is now 6683.

mij artifacts are totally updated , but yet its says outdated , anyway i figured out that this is a other fivem issue on its own ,