FiveM Remote Key

Thanks man :call_me_hand:

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Just want to say thank you!!! I appreciate you brother!!!

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First of all, thank you for your free… But I just found a serious problem… If I press K to turn on, and then press K to turn off, the mouse will get stuck on the screen and the player cannot play normally.

i am having same issue as anthony, if you press K or any other button you set, then if you try to close the UI it doesnt close right and the mouse stuck there and you have to restart the resource
or reconnect to the server.

You probably changed the name of the script, as long as it needs the same name for the correct function of the UI, as always (Or you can change the calls to the UI and config the new name of the script, if not, it won’t work) :smiley:

FiveM Remote Key - #25 by antho7 As i said to Anthony :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

doesnt work at all

Look at what it is telling you, add_vehicle p was null - so look at the vehicle and click ‘add car’ or whatever it was set to… Or read my response above about how to integrate with your garage resource :slight_smile:

@jamessc0tt I love how this started as a troll resource to highlight what can be done in 10minutes of work where people think they have the right to sell something so simple for $10+… or even take a free resource and spend 10minutes slapping a ui ontop and charging $20 bucks for it, the community has definatly gone down hill in terms of paid resources and some people not going to mention names does this frequently and gets away with it, there needs to be some sort of verification process to filter out the crap, im not against paid resources as i do believe some resources are definatly worth every penny and the developers of these resources should get support/recognisation for this…

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@jamessc0tt is it possible to change the design of the little menu? I’m only asking as would like to see if i can change the look into a rear car fob/remote and they click the buttons on there to look more realistic.

Yes, you can edit the index.html file:

Ok Thanks is it possible to dm me on here and help alittle? i have a great looking key ready to use just couldnt for the life of me try and work with html code as im new to it lol.

Thanks a lot for this this will help a lot I appreciate it!

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