[Fivem] Pug Paintball [QBCore]

Advanced Paintball.

My store: https://pug-webstore.tebex.io/package/5513575

This script is using escrow encryption. Config.lua client/open.lua and server.lua are open

PREVIEW HERE: [Fivem] Pug Paintball [QBCore] - YouTube

This completely configurable script consist of:
● Runs at 0.0 ms resmon

● lang:t option to configure all notification and menus

● This script is completely open source other then client.lua. There is a client/open,lua i can always add more to the open.lua upon request

● The open source IPL loader i use will be provided.

● 0 known scuff. Was tested over and over with 10+ people to plug every issue that was found.

● 18 players max. Configurable.

● Two teams. Red & blue with clothing to match. Configurable.

● 5 lives per game. Configurable.

● A wager amount set to minimum $500 and maximum $25,000. Rearward at the end of the game is wager amount * total-players / winning team. Configurable.

● 33 gun options to choose from. Configurable.

● Custom commentator recorded by my girlfriend. Requires interact sound. (Sounds files will provide)

● Each team spawns in on the same radio. (qb-radio) required

● Unlimited sprint. Configurable.

● Map selection and 11 maps total. (this script uses ipl to load the maps on the client. Newer ish build is required to use these maps as they are apart of a gta 5 online update)

● The option to spectate players.

Things that still need to be done consist of:

● Game modes

● Multiple games at the same time.

Requirements consist of:
nh-context for (displaying pictures of maps)(provided)
+set sv_enforceGameBuild 2372 or highe (older game builds may work but this oen for sure works)

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000
Requirements qbcore
Support Yes
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Hi, just wondering if this is instanced?

It is

It is

Also quick question, has anyone got this to work with okokbanking?

okok banking is supported now.

Is this in the latest update because i’ve got it and its not supported.