FiveM production update - June 29th, 2019

Another production update. Tiny tweaks since a few days ago.

Shortlog (including previous update)

francium (18):

  • [32c759e7] net: fix 1s policy oversight
  • [0fc8f470] rage: code renaming
  • [15e91d41] scripting/lua: treat PointerValueInt as a signed int32
  • [4ab0b0b6] vendor/lua: replace path loading with compile-time hashing
  • [6cff1e9c] cfx-ui: perf/layout/maintenance updates
  • [e8764771] Merge remote-tracking branch ‘balika011/master’ into master-pub
  • [89ded3af] cfx-ui: update angular, tiny css fixes
  • [79485b14] playernames: add ammonium’s patterns
  • [0023b7c5] gta-core: fix CrashFixes causing ICE on VS2019.1
  • [0fe5b9a4] http-client: enhancements
  • [6fb703c3] reapply 869251a017b0470b0224514a1a9f528781819b68
  • [94c84d6a] blank commit for triggering a rebuild
  • [965ad862] add GET_ACTIVE_PLAYERS native implementation
  • [c02e5ed8] cfx-ui: bring back pin icon
  • [6bba06e4] nui/gsclient: allow configuring limit of maximum pings per minute for server browser
  • [fbe6f236] early WIP adaptive card support for client connection/deferrals
  • [2e4758bb] change adaptive card API to take proper serialization objects in/out
  • [e294b748] client: add localGame [resource]/localRestart command to load a single-resource local game session on gta5

Balázs Triszka (4):

  • [1d91204c] gamer info: add patches to support onesync
  • [10119f6b] gamer info: add patterns
  • [920a281c] clone: fix GetPlayerByIndex parameters
  • [869251a0] gamer tags: IsValid workaround for onesync

We appreciate the work you guys do, thank you. <3


Nice work :mascot:


Good job fellas, keep it coming!

Hmm who’s now thinking about a login system? ^^

Good work! :+1:

How can I download

Download what?

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Well it update automatically?

He did not

Well it do? Also who is “he” ?

I mean the program Sorry my English is not good

When you launch fivem it automatically update, if you downloaded it recently , so you have updated version .

i cant find the lind how to update the right version

link, could you send me the link please

when i try to log in to a server it says ) Unable to find SteamID, please relaunch FiveM with steam open or restart FiveM & Steam if steam is already open. i cant find the link to this…

Just launch steam before fivem, some server require steam running, not fivem, also this is wrong place to talk about it lol