FiveM production update - June 1st, 2019

We’ve pushed another maintenance update to production.


  • Commerce.
  • Some development tool updates.
  • C# fixes.
  • Melee weapons on motorcycles.

Git commits since the last push

neptunium (17):

  • [70ef32d0] net:http-server: fix potential race condition around HttpState::ping
  • [f2b33124] net:tcp-server: another hopeful race condition fix
  • [325da4e8] net:tcp-server: add a SRW lock around m_writeCallback
  • [956a8b7e] clrcore: also allow using attributes for RegisterScript
  • [a46a6919] clrcore: fix broken ServerWrappers PR not building on build host
  • [472c4dfb] clrcore: serialize bytes as bytes
  • [5f32c99c] clrcore: only print assembly loading exceptions if the assembly could not be loaded
  • [c0d26059] resources: fix often-reported crash with MatchFiles on short file names
  • [737fd7c8] gta: fix incorrectly-swapped network game check
  • [99b28446] net:http-server: improve data/cancel handler lifetime handling
  • [6808f9da] server commerce functionality
  • [c01ddae5] glue: fix discourse identity crashes
  • [a45d3ae1] server: fix httpclient instance creation on certain older MSVC runtimes
  • [e65b500a] vendor: update imgui, new netgraph
  • [d3d80656] devtools: add a bad/hacky FPS counter
  • [cc9afd9f] update imgui with docking support, fix some crashy windows
  • [4ce17071] dev: improve netdebug, fix missing imgui PopStyleVar

Carmine (2):

  • [e860e6c3] clrcore: updated ServerWrappers to use API
  • [a832a9e8] clrcore: update using to static CitizenFX.Core.Native.API

リーフストーム (1):

  • [2e2bb1e0] Merge pull request #225 from carmineos/clrcore-update


Thanks for all your continued hard work!



Thanks for all hard work! keep up :mascot:


Thank you, continue with the hard work!



Great work, guys! It’s nice to see these announcement topics, even if it does only contain recent commits. Definitely would like to see these more often.



This also fixes not being able to use snipers/etc from the back seats of helicopters.

Will there be a linux build released?

Of the client? No. ._.

im sorry i replied to the wrong thread XD i meant to reply to a server release thread


Great stuff