FiveM/pΛ/проектΛ hotfix release - January 23rd, 2017

We have pushed out an update to pΛ on the production branch. This is a client update, and it still only contains bug fixes. New features will have to wait a little while longer.

Summarized changelog

  • Clean up CitizenFX.Core code.
  • Show better error messages in log when a ARCHETYPE_FILE .json fails to load.
  • Extend the amount of rage::fiDevice instances allowed. This fixes the ERR_FIL_COMMON issue with a large amount of loaded resources.
  • Make the CLR script runtime properly register itself as current runtime. This fixes various things, including DELETE_VEHICLE and other deletion functions not working from C#.
  • Fix launching the game when pΛ is installed in a Unicode path.
  • Reduce idle GPU load from a stray thread in the ROS launcher. This should improve your game’s GPU performance.

That’s it, and the public source dump has still not been resynced as we have not made automation tooling for this yet.


Client now randomly hangs when restarting C# resource.

Can you provide an example that causes this issue and post it in the buggy section? :repeat:

It looks like something wrong with ported NativeUI. Tried single and multi script resource w/o NativeUI - works fine.

Nevermind, forgot to recompile NativeUI against new version.

Odd! There should be binary compatibility, this seems to be an actual issue, then. I doubt you kept the .log file from when this failed, unless?

Im really sorry. But yeah, not an issue with recompiling NativeUI. It’s just my bad use of attaching Tick handler from instance of the class. Fixed that issue and it works fine now.

Thank you very much for the improvments!

This update broke my game. I can’t join any servers. I even tried downloading the server files and leaving everything default. As soon as it gets to about an inch into the map bar it freezes for about 5 seconds and then crashes. Worked fine before this update came out. Any help would be appreciated.

This kinda isn’t the right place, And we would need some more info.