FiveM/pΛ/проектΛ hotfix release - January 18th, 2017

We have pushed out an update to pΛ on the production branch. This is a client update, and it only contains bug fixes.

Summarized changelog

  • Add additional SecuritySafeCritical attributes to CitizenFX.Core.
  • Fix memory management for strings in CitizenFX.Core.NativeContext (fixes reported bugs by @Marxy and others).
  • Allow INativeValue derivatives to be returned from Native.Call<T>.

No other changes were made, and the public source dump has not been resynced as we have not made automation tooling for this yet.


:thumbsup: awesome :slight_smile:

Any idea / ETA on when we can expect integration of the latest DLC?

Nevah! No but some of the content relies on .exe changes. All the other content you can add yourself :slight_smile: