FiveM/pΛ/проектΛ coldfix release - January 26th, 2017

We have pushed out an update to pΛ on the production branch. This is a client update, and it looks like it’s probably bug fixes.

Summarized changelog

  • Support flags in entities in legacy .json map files.
  • Handle string censorship checking for ROS, fixing the error about Social Club services when exporting a clip in the clip editor.
  • Unbreak formats:convert tool.
  • Allow DELETE_VEHICLE (and similar functions) to delete entities that aren’t owned by any script.
  • Include additional state data in crash dumps.
  • Use SetThreadDescription on systems where it is available to label Windows threads.
  • Preparations for moving the build process to VS2017.
  • Different preparations for long-term evolution such as supporting CNavMesh output from formats tooling.



Nice, updating VERY slow and somewhere in the middle of updating just crashes… my download speed is 0.5MB… no just kidding. 0.0

Tells me to run fivereborn as admin… refuses to update.


another great improvement thank you <3