FiveM Media Host

Hello, I have released a resource that allows you to host your own images within your fivem server, without having to upload the images to discord or another third party site/host.

:bulb: You can use this with practically every cell phone out there for FiveM.
I have an example of usage with screenshot-basic in github

:warning: WARNING
You just need to consider that saving images on server storage will take up space as photos are uploaded there.

:link: Github

To change the image upload URL, it’s simply like this:

For any suggestions you can open a pull request on github, all support is appreciated

:bulb: Now supporting:
• Images [webp/png/jpg]
• Audio [ogg/mp3/webm]
• Video [mp4/webm]

:rocket: Todo

  • Update it to support video and audio files

this is really useful, thanks :smiley:

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Thanks for the comment, I’m happy to contribute to the fivem community :saluting_face:

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Wow I was waiting for something like that! Great addition to the community
I suppose it also works with LB Phone videos for example?

I don’t have access to lb phone, but i suppose that it will work with most of phones in fivem, try paste the export of my resource in config of lb phone

lb phone has its own image hosting script that uploads the files to the game server

I did a little research and lb phone has a partnership with Fivemanage where the phone uploads audio/videos/image there, but you can configure it for this script, the problem is that currently this script only supports images

(for Fivemanage)
Yes I am aware of that, it’s just that it’s like you know… paid
And even if the free tier is an ample 10 gigs, I think it would have been better to host all of that onto the server, just in case Fivemanage goes down for a bit, for expandability etc…

(for the internal image hosting script)
I didn’t see that while reading documentation for the script can it really host it’s images on-server?

My script host the images inside the resource folder, then create an endpoint to get/post images

Yes no sorry I was talking about what Xyberviri was saying “lb phone has its own image hosting script that uploads the files to the game server”

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Thank you bro for free release )

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This is brilliant. This will help many servers that do not have reliable web hosting.

Thank you for your contribution to the FiveM community.

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how can i use it with npwd?

I have updated the readme file in github
:link: GitHub guide

:warning: But currently the script only support webp/png/jpg images, i will update it to support video and audio files

:mega: I’ve already updated the script, it now supports audio/images/video with the following extensions:
• Images [webp/png/jpg]
• Audio [ogg/mp3/webm]
• Video [mp4/webm]