FiveM Map - Haunted Grave Yard

I created this YMAP for October or Halloween events.

[Preview] - The preview video does not show any of the script events to not spoil your reactions when used in your city.


  • Custom models and edits to landscape
  • Fog effect separate from server-wide weather setting
  • Lighting was added and changed to enhance the scene

When purchasing this package, you are buying the YMAP and getting an optional script. You can choose to use the script or create your own interactions or scavenger hunt for your community.

Optional Script:

FYI, I am not a Dev./Programmer and have little knowledge to support this script. With much trial and error, I have created a script featuring 15+ trigger events that give you sounds and jump scares using Polyzone’s and Interact Sound’s resources. Some of these events will spawn visual effects enhancing your experience while exploring the graveyard.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 879
Requirements FiveM, PolyZone, Sound Interact
Support Yes

FYI the client file here for jump scares is encrypted if anyone is wondering. This means if you choose to write your own you are fully writing your script or building out an additional client file from scratch.

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Thanks for clarifying. As stated, I’m releasing the YMAP and throwing my script in with it. I’m not a dev. and just happened to figure out how to get something to work that I was happy with but didn’t want the script to be the focus but more of an example of what you can do with the YMAP.

No worries, I figured I would just drop that in here for anyone else. I typically heavily modify anything I buy as I do a lot of coding for my server so I will most likely just generate a new client file and build off of this. Love the script and cemetery!

Will be a great October event.

Great, thank you for your feedback. Hope you guys enjoy it!