Fivem | looking for a server

must be whitelisted
must be 18+
must have Sheriffs office open

Hi, @chaoticfighter

Come and give us a try over at Alabama State Role Play, We are a new up and coming economy server with a strive for quality, creative and realistic role play, We gladly welcome new players and would like to see you in the city, We are also looking for gangs, leo’s, ems and player ran bussinesses.

If any of those things interests you, Below you can find the link to our forum page.

Forum Link

Hey, hit me up on discord @ddthedoorman - we’re needing someone to start FD

Hi, I can’t guarantee anything about a high command position or anything but I can say that anything is obtainable thru Roleplay and everyone is given a fair shot. If you’re interested you can come join our server that is Releasing Nov. 1st No Ego



Do you have a discord?



NotionRP NotionRP | Alliance Development


CNYRP Official Discord

Narrator Roleplay is an 18+ QBCore, serious RP city that also allows for creative Roleplay scenes. Step into a world where every story is waiting to be told. With dedicated servers and a vibrant community, you’ll embark on thrilling adventures, forge unforgettable alliances, and create your own epic tale. Whether you’re a seasoned roleplayer or just starting out, there’s a place for you in our diverse universe. Unleash your imagination and join us on Narrator Roleplay today and enjoy some of the following benefits. What do we have to offer?

Guide book for those new to the city!
TOS compliant import vehicles! (cars, bikes, etc.)
10+ Civilian Jobs including Electrician, Gruppe 6, Oil Rig job, etc.
Extracurricular activities including a Theme park, Beer Pong, Basketball, Air Hockey, and Pool Tables!
Cayo Island
A staff who listens and is attentive to what the community wants!

Government Jobs:

Customized indepth medical script that shows you the damage to your body. Go down in a gunfight? You’ll need treatment at the hospital.
Customized Police departments including EUP, Vehicles, Inventory, Evidence, and Weapons. Even arrest NPC’s during down times.
We are always looking for more EMS, PD, and DOJ to join our teams.


10+ Jobs to choose from to do with or without friends! Including store & bank robberies, humane labs heist, and oil rig heist!
Several different drugs to explore
Car chopping
Petty crimes like robbing parking meters or vending machines, smash and grab from cars, and more!


Have a gang of 5 or more? Join the discord and open a ticket!
We have RCore gang turf wars script. You can sell drugs, do crime, and more to take over territory around the city.
Official orgs can bring in their custom clothing, MLO, and org vehicle.
All orgs will also get a crafting bench at their compound with a select weapon to craft.
We currently have 8+ organizations in city from MCs to Crime Families!
Currently looking for more street gangs, cartels & mafias.

So don’t delay, come check out Narrator Roleplay today!

Narrator Roleplay

Welcome to :city_sunset: Nightfall Roleplay :city_sunset:

A place where shadows come alive in the neon-lit streets of Los Santos. Dive into our semi-serious role play world, where the pulse of the city beats with thrilling criminal enterprises and ambitious player-owned businesses. With an active police force patrolling the concrete jungle, every move counts. Our dedicated management, development and staff teams ensure a seamless experience, while a tapestry of criminal and civilian activities await those brave enough to navigate the darkness. Welcome to the heart of the night, where legends are made and fortunes lost in the blink of an eye.

Server Features:

  • Highly Optimized

  • FPS Friendly

  • Active Development

  • QB-Core Framework

  • Gabz Interiors

  • Realistic Economy

  • Detailed Custom Police Job

  • Player Owned Businesses & Opportunities

  • Numerous Civilian Jobs (i.e., Package Delivery, Garbage Collecting, Security Transports, Gardening, Mining, Lumberjacking, Treasure Hunting, Window Cleaning, Bus Driving, & Trucking)

  • Many Player Activities for Fun (i.e., Casino, Theme Park, Storage Wars, Beekeeping, Bungee Jumping & Fishing Tournaments)

  • Tons of Heists & Robberies for Criminals

  • Custom Phone with Player Lookup

  • In-Depth Drug Script with Crafting & Selling

  • Detailed Mechanic & Dealership Scripts

  • Underground Racing

  • Vehicle Chopping, Car Boosting & VIN Scratching

  • Vehicle Rentals

  • Weapon Crafting

  • Elaborate Housing Script

  • No Pixel Vehicles & Map

Join here at Nightfall Roleplay

Come check us out here!

Hey if your still looking, the guy that was Sheriff BCSO for my server just Quit as we launched the server so im in a pickle.