FiveM license

how do i find my fivem license so i can use easyadmin and es_admin?

If you’re using mysql/couchdb -> you can find it under identifier in the table rows

it’s also not your fivem license, but your steam license… you can find it through steam as well.

Hes on about his GTA:V license, not his steam identifier

Put this in your server resources, start it and join your server, next check the server console/logs. (715 Bytes)
Output should look something like this: (depending on how many identifiers are available/being used, you might see more/less identifiers after your name.)

Player: Vespura, Identifier #1: steam:1100001059
Player: Vespura, Identifier #2: license:4510587c13e0b645eb8d24bc104601
Player: Vespura, Identifier #3: ip:

<3 thank you <3 your the best!!!