FiveM King of the Hill | PVP, Custom Framework, Leveling, Infantry Classes, Air Vehicles

Hey folks, we are proud to announce our latest project that we’re inviting all of you to come be a part of prior to it’s launch. We are currently working on a King of the Hill server.

This is something that has never really been fleshed out in the GTA engine, and has huge potential to be a BLAST. We’ve derived most of our inspiration from ArmA 3 King of the Hill and have been hard at work coding the framework and gameplay from scratch. Our server will have some of the following features:

  • Leveling system with weapons, equipment, and vehicle unlocks
  • Economy to purchase your loadout and vehicles
  • 3 teams, aesthetically unique.
  • Full, custom coding of the server and UI system
  • Five unique classes (Infantry, Medic, Support, Explosives Expert, and Marksman)
  • Much more!

We’re reaching out to invite you folks to help us out with pre-launch testing, and exclusive access to the development progress of the server. Come join us on this awesome adventure for the first server of it’s kind on the FiveM platform!

We are currently planning to release the server on December 4, 2020


Development is coming along quickly! If you are interested in becoming a server tester, feel free to join and help us out!

We are nearing closer and closer to our launch date, and development is going quickly! We’re still looking for more testers to stress test the server, so feel free to join the Discord and come check the project out!

Hey everyone! We’ve come a long way in development and we’re planning on doing an exclusive server test today at 6PM CST (about 3 and a half hours after this post). Feel free to join the discord and check out the server during the test!

We’re nearing closer and closer to release, as such, we have another playtest today at 6PM CST! Come join us and see what we’re all about!

We’re currently about 1 week away from our launch date. The gamemode is nearly complete and we are looking forward to launching. If you would like to help with server testing, feel free to join our discord!