Fivem Ingame bought items throughout tebex removed

Hi ,

Lately i’ve been playing on a Fivem server wich has been pretty fun. In the discord there was a Donation/Store section where you could buy items for in game throughout tebex.

I’ve been buying multipe Vehicles on there, the only policy they had was (“No Refunds”) Wich im totally okay with, but they through a server wipe yesterday and removed everyone’s bought items.

I really dont quite understand why they would do that? Just to make us spend more money? I’ve spend over €175,- without the thought of losing everything.

I’ve made a tebex fraud report about this and im still waiting for response. was this the right thing to do?

I’d like to hear other thoughts about this so please let me know!

Yh that was the right thing to do regardless if u buy a car the server owner needs to replace the cars if lost to the ones who payed

No one has the legal right to sell cars or in-game money for real life money. It is only really legal for servers to sell “Queue Priority”. Most servers and modders online are fraudulent. Build things for the passion of the community, not for profit. The law requires that producers hold transaction records for 6 years as well…

For a 10 year old game, usually, whatever you are looking for in terms of mods, has already been done and released for free.

Server Cost now a day range from 150- 200 once the server is fully Operational with people and Custom Everything so i can see where people are going with Paying for Cars and everything @crayzeet but i dont see a problem with people charging for cars that are 1 for 1 as long it goes back into the server and not for personal gain

collecting money for IP assets that don’t belong to you is copyright infringement, either way it is put.

its Copyright Infringement if u say u made the car and sold it if u are just charging 1 for 1 cars so people can own cars for themselves that’s a different story trust me i know a lot about copyright infringement and that’s not the case of what u are saying maybe for Ur case but if Ur not trying to help this OP question then don’t put false info

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with CFX/Rockstar, this is my own interpretation of the subject!

Chiming in here, if the models are considered an IP (real-life brands / vehicle models) then it is indeed against the TOS/PLA; however, charging for the simple use of a vehicle on a server, without more, is allowed as it’s not prohibited (as long as it’s done via Tebex, of course, and doesn’t violate any other points of the TOS or PLA).
While it is scummy for sure to wipe away somebody’s progress, like what happened to the OP, it’s not particularly clear-cut. Tebex Support are the best people to speak to in regards to whether it’s okay or not.