"FiveM has stopped Working"

Hello I have a problem when I launch FiveM at the launch of the social club it crash and it is marked “FiveM has stopped working” I have GTA 5 without mods, not hacked someone can help me please ?



We believe you are having issues with FiveM, we would like to have some additional information.

Error Format

Please provide the requested information using the above template.


**GTA V version: 1.0.1032.1
Up to date : Yes
Legit or Pirate copy : Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club : CD
Windows version 8
Error screenshot :

GTA V folder screenshot :

GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot :

Filepath to FiveReborn folder : C:\Users\kenzo_000\Desktop\Fivem

FiveReborn client folder screenshot :

CitizenFX.log :

IVPath=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V

[ 0] Initialized system mapping!
[ 63] CitizenFX Steam child starting - command line: “C:\Users\kenzo_000\Desktop\Fivem\FiveM.exe”
[ 78] hello from “C:\Users\kenzo_000\Desktop\Fivem\FiveM.exe”
[ 109] Got ros:launcher process - pid 9440
[ 141] Initialized system mapping!
[ 156] Hello!
[ 219] hello from “C:\Users\kenzo_000\Desktop\Fivem\FiveM.app\cache\subprocess\FiveM_ROSLauncher” ros:launcher --parent_pid=9508 “C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTAVLauncher.exe”
[ 219] Replacing function table list entry 0x142be3000 with 0x142be3000
[ 234] launcher! “C:\Users\kenzo_000\Desktop\Fivem\FiveM.app\cache\subprocess\FiveM_ROSLauncher” ros:launcher --parent_pid=9508 “C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTAVLauncher.exe”
[ 234] Initialized system mapping!
[ 266] Replacing function table list entry 0x14054f000 with 0x14054f000
[ 4359] versioning: /prod/gtav/launcher_online_config.xml
[ 4359] versioning: /prod/gtav/launcher_online_config.xml
[ 4531] versioning: /prod/gtav/versioning.xml
[ 4547] versioning: /prod/gtav/versioning.xml
[ 4563] versioning: /prod/gtav/versioning.xml

.dmp files**

I forgot to specify but during the download of the 647 mb of FiveM I had the following mesage:

“Downloading of https://updater.fivereborn.com/patches/GTA_V_Patch_1_0_505_2.exe99 failed with CURLCODE 0x12.” I decide to close five M and restarted the download, again the same mesage, I do it a third time and the update ends and the mesage does not appear.

Please uninstall/deactivate any antivirus. After you did, make sure to delete caches.xml from your FiveM folder and start again.

i tried but its the same :confused:

New for my problem plz ? help me plz.

ok i have solve the problem, i have “”"“just”"""" install Windows 10…
But now i can play without any issu