FiveM freezes when I connect to my server

Title says all. It just freezes, and I have to close it with task manager. 4 of 5 subprocesses are working, but the one with the server name as label is not responding. I tried to remove the resource that the screen gets stuck on, didn’t help. if anyone can help, then please…

Does it happen only on your server? Try starting it without any of your resources, only the default ones. If it works like this, one of your resources is causing the game to hang. I had this issue when I forgot to add a Citizen.Wait(0) inside a while true do, so check if all of your while loops have the wait function.

yeah i tried but one car was causing it, it doesn’t have citizen.wait(0), and it was way under streaming limit

it was working just fine but after a server restart it started doing this

Check the resources you’ve recently added and try not starting them step by step. When you find the resource which is causing the problem, we can help you further. And just a quick note, the resource which gets your game stuck may not necessarily be the one appearing on the screen.

ok it works now thank you so much (1.8 MB)