Fivem developer looking for work | status: available

Hi my name is Gamerenr and i have been developing for about 5 years. I started my first fivem server and started developing for it in 2018 and since then i have fallen in love with fivem developing. Some classes i took was a developing class for 3 years where i mainly focused in C# and there i got A+ every year. Also currently i have a website developing class where i got A+ too at every test. So its safe to say i know C# and HTML both used in fivem. I am also learning a bit of lua after learning it for about 1 year. I know how to make a basic discord bot and add vehicle, EUP, Scripts (can also make and fix) if you want me to help out dm me on discord (Gamerenr#0001) or send a link to your discord here
People have asked how much I charge to help people and i do it for free since i believe people shouldn’t earn money thru fivem

What i can do

  • Make scripts
  • edit scripts to your liking
  • setup any server types
  • make liveries
  • custom EUP
  • make vehicles work for fivem
  • edit handeling and most meta files to you liking
  • Get a server with 200+ scripts working to your liking within 1 to 2 hours
  • make websites
  • make discord bots
  • make discords for your server

We could use a hand. We need to know your pricing. You can join us at SA’DOJ Community RP FiveM Thanks.

Server templates should be done in about 24 hours!

Hi man, we are looking for devs. to a ambitious FiveM server project. If you would like to have a chat about our project, then please join the discord and send me a DM (Legatus_SPQR).


Mario R.
SPQR Gaming - Community Leader

Good day! We are currently looking for a developer for our serious roleplay server, Based on a qb-core framework


i need another commited dev, hmu on discord Gorilla King Sincere GGangOG#3310

Hello, I am 1/3 of the management at Views RP. We are currently looking for developers who have experience in multiple frameworks, or other development experience. We currently have a website, a forum, a boosted discord, and some minor stuff for the server including EUP and vehicles. What we need is developers who aren’t lazy or kids. We are looking for 2-3 professionals and not just people who change configurations files claiming to be devs, I know it’s hard to find that within the FiveM community and I hope to get my message out here. Please contact me at Shoota6#8696 or join our discord at:

Can you reach me please ?

can you contact me GorillaGaming {A1}#3310