FiveM Dev looking For Hire

About Me


I have been roleplaying on FiveM for over 2 years now. I am now looking to share my experience with server owners that are looking to grow.

Important Below
I work as a contractor, which means I do jobs, and leave, I am not looking for a position, I am looking for work. I am willing to stay in contact overtime if that is what you would like, but I am not looking to stick to one community.

  • Regarding ESX/vRP servers
  • Due to the amount of time and effort it can take to perform certain tasks within the ESX Framework, I will not help build an ESX Server from scratch however I will install, configure and troubleshoot ESX Servers.

Over the 2 years of roleplaying on FiveM I have gained lots of expierence.
I have gained over 1,000 hours in Source SDK Base (FiveM) and over 300 hours outside of the game managing Dedicated Server Boxes and Teamspeak Servers. I have been in over 15 different communities and ran my own twice.

Skills and Assets
I have a lot of skills when it comes to running, developing and managing FiveM servers, TeamSpeak servers and D servers.

  • In FiveM itself I can;
    • Create a FiveM server from scratch Non-ESX and ESX
    • Properly install resources that you request me to.
    • Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking.
    • Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.
    • Convert mods and add-ons from third-party sites such as LCDPFR and GTA5 mods to FiveM resources.
    • If you are working on a linux based machine, server setup will be left up to you since I am unfamiliar with the linux platform.
  • In TeamSpeak itself I can;
    • Create a TeamSpeak server from scratch.
    • Properly configure Server group, channel groups, and client permissions to your liking.
    • Properly configure channels to your liking.
    • Utilize TeamSpeak server query to gain access to features only technicians have access to.
    • Setup professional and matching TeamSpeak icons to your liking.
  • In Miscellaneous Skills I can
    • Manage a Dedicated Server Box by keeping it professional, up to date and running as optimal as possible.
    • Provide you with tips and tricks I have learned over my 2 years.
    • Provide you with information on the best, cheapest the most reliable service providers such as TeamSpeak Hosts, Server Hosts, and VPS Hosts.
    • Provide you with very quick response times (Usually within 30 minutes) during any time of the day, work hours or not.
    • Provide you with contacts that have benefits that I have gained over the years.
    • Portforward your router for you if needed.
    • Provide custom coded scripts and assets.
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hello are you available to help me out with some things and i can pay you to help me fix some things on my server i really like my files and want to keep them i just need help fixing them up if this is something you can do please let me know thank you

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Was you needing help.

Iā€™m having an issue with buying objects guns cars ect so if you have the amount it will allow you to buy the object but it will not remove the amount pretty odd

Add Me on Discord And We can talk more their


hey i just got kick for no reason on the juice wrld server

What is your discord

Hey my name is claston i am currently looking for a dev on my five m sever my discord is claston1#9199
Add me there and well talk more will pay also

Hello, so me and my buddy just created a server we need help getting scripts and stuff set up we are looking for a dev that can help us with a lot of things. It your able to please hit me up if I can make you a personal dev by paying you I will.

looking for a dev to build a server for me anyone free to so this