Fivem crashes when i join a server no cap

Environment questions

GTA V version: Latest from steam
Up to date: Yes
Legit or Pirate copy: Legit
Purchased where - Steam/Rockstar Launcher/Epic: Steam
Windows version: 10
Did you try to delete content_index.xml and try again? Mean cache?yes, after that i deleted the hole fivem and reinstall it and do it again and still didn t work
System specifications: Fx 8320 oc 4ghz(stable) rx 570 4gb 16gbRAM
CitizenFX crash zip file (‘Save information’ on a crash): No information when it crash it simply freeze and disapear

logs/CitizenFX_log files: CitizenFX_log_2021-11-07T163232.log (455.2 KB)

.dmp files/report IDs: ea01418f-b335-4fba-b4d0-d88a9504954d.dmp (815.1 KB)
Uploading: 8c872507-301f-4571-9c66-2dee0eac823a.dmp…

If you can’t start the game at all

GTA V folder screenshot:

GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot:

Filepath to FiveM folder: image

FiveM client folder screenshot:

Which antivirus/firewall software are you using? i don t have an antivirus, and yes i recently download malwarbytes and scan my pc and didn t have nothing
Did you try to disable/uninstall your Anti-virus? i don t have one

Important parts

What is the issue you’re having? hello guys, i have a problem whit my fivem for few days now, i enter fivem and join a server, the server is loading(textures,almost all) but it freeze after like 10 sec when i join,after that, all my pc get affected, discord got freezes, chrome is not wrorking properly, i really don t understand what happens i deleted the cache i reinstall fivem too, i never had a mod on gta5 and i check the intergrity files and still same problem.

What are you trying to do? Playing Underground Romania server

What have you tried already to fix the issue? I deleted the cache, i updated my gpu drivers, i reinstall fivem, i check the integrity of the filies of gta.

Error screenshot (if any): Like i said, it freezes and instatly crash after the transparent white screen

What did you do to get this issue? i joined the Underground Romania server, but btw its not working on any server

What server did you get this issue on? Be specific and name some, ‘all of them’ by itself isn’t useful! Underground Romania or all of them

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thanks bud :))

lol, i tryed to start it again today and i got a freeze and after that my pc restarts

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Ok guys i fixed it, it was the virtual memory problem, when i added an old hdd to my pc to format it i needed to delete all paging. To fix this problem you need search (view advanced system settings) in windows search bar, after that go to advanced,virtual memory, and check automatically manage paging file size for all drivers.

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