Fivem commision TOS clarity?

Gonna start off by saying i hope this is the right thread.
Anyways, heard somewhere it was against TOS to commission someone to make any work for specifically a fivem server ex. a livery, script, but could not find anything that clearly, or clearly to me, states this in the TOS.

In reference to

  1. FiveM may allow use of content (hereafter “Mods”) meant for the Dependent Products that has
    not explicitly been developed for use with FiveM and/or the Game Services.

Making a profit off anything related to FiveM would be against the ToS.

Basically don’t make a profit off anything related to the project, only donations to cover server costs and whatnot

When I go on break I will reference the TOS specifically so you can see, unless someone does so beforehand

T.o.S is pretty clear about it:

No financial profit shall be derived by the Users from any derivative of, or third-party service,
User Generated Content, or Game Server for FiveM, the Game Services, or other entities
stated in these Terms, except as expressly permitted by CitizenFX. Entities with permission
may be included under ADDENDUM D: LIST OF EXCEPTIONS FOR TERM ‘8’.

tl;dr Don’t make money off anything FiveM related unless you are Zap-Hosting.

thanks for the quick reply! I’m aware of the rules on profiting off of fivem. My question is more at if its in line with TOS to commission someone to make work for “my” fivem server.

No… as that person would be making profit.


Just to clarify we are not allowed to buy non els cars to make a server nice?

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FiveM can’t stop you from buying cars originally intended for lets say LSPDFR or standard GTA, but if it’s for FiveM or says “FiveM” - they’re making a profit, it’s against TOS.

are developer like me self allowed to be a non profit service but as you might know to get better models and push bars and lights dont come cheaply each models is like 1300$ for just the base model. i understand we arent supposed to charge but techniqly fiveM would be dead and servers would’nt be how they are today. and things such as scripts that people have went to school for as worth some sort of coin how ever since im an non profit server the coin only go to my development team. to be truth full, fivem should just have a cap on the amount we are charging. Jobs are hard to come by and most likely most people do it for a living and cant find a real job without fivem they would be on the street begging for money which is not right at all. Server costs are technially scripts cars and so on if people complain because they need to pay for things its because if they want better quality cars scripts and peds of course, how dare i forget the peds.

You can’t pay developers for FiveM, that doesn’t count as no financial profit. If you’re paying your developers, they are earning money and profiting. Doesn’t matter how you word it - you’re making a profit. Doesn’t matter the time or effort you put in, or your level of experience, TOS is clear on it.

without scripts cars and such server would be dead and fivem would be dead then eventually redM would be dead. in my opinion if you paying for their time and the amount of code for it as long as its high quality and a more senseful price and i more as likely offer myself before my team i dont make any money only the people creating the scripts. and cars. contract by contract donations are technally up to the server owner to get scripts and such. just because they have 4k in the donations doesnt mean it all goes to server stuff wouldnt you pay your cars lease before you lost it and if you didnt have the money for your morgage wouldnt you pay that and not to forget if fivem wasnt able to get donation also to tell everyone fivem makes commission from zap zap gives fivem a certain comission and fivem keeps pumping updates with out zap fivem would be finacialy insecure

List of exceptions for term ‘8‘

Any approved transaction through built-in commerce functionality in FiveM.

ahhhhhh i see thanks. Cant read apparently