FiveM Closing or Are Hackers to Blame?

Guess i’ll open the topic since no-one else is. on Twitter: “FiveM is likely to be discontinued shortly.” / Twitter



Probably, hackers, I don’t think they would shut down like that in a second’s notice especially with the money they’re making.

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It appears to have been hacked by ■■■■■■ or someone trying to make ■■■■■■ look bad.

■■■■■■ wouldn’t hack FiveM. It’s definitely a hacker attempting to put blame on them (if anything).

we hope this will be fixed

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It really looks like they are hacked asf

So im not the only one having issues flying in a city

no please…

for me i coudnt launch the game again it taking me to an other web :sweat_smile:

Definitely hackers. My friend just tried launching FiveM and it’s redirecting them to ■■■■■■ :woman_facepalming:t4:

I’m also having issues each time I open FiveM it redirects me to ■■■■■■

Ayyyy up! they added reactions to the forum

I think they tried to hack fiveM again btw if you go here FiveM down? Current status and problems | Downdetector and see the comments some people say that they hacked fiveM once again .

so they had to shutdown FiveM to do that :joy:

I’m getting redirected to rage . mp for download WTH?


Not hacked, not closing down see post above.