FiveM Billboards - In-game advertising w/ Business & Job

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:exclamation: Works great with QBCore and ESX , can be integrated with custom framework

FiveM - Billboards / Banners Resource

Take control of advertising in Los Santos with our unique rcore_banners resource, the all-in-one solution for creating a dynamic and immersive in-game advertising experience!

Billboards Image


There are 300+ customizable billboards available around Los Santos, that you can buy and manage, capable of displaying text, images, and even GIFs!

Posters Image

Place Posters Around Town in a Fun Job!

Players can take on the task of delivering and placing posters around the city to earn some money!

Business Image


Become the advertising mogul in Los Santos by running your own business! Buy and manage billboards, come up with eye-catching designs, and produce posters in a fun minigame to place around the city for your clients.

Custom Banners Image
Billboards Map

Create Custom Banners In-Game!

Create new designs for billboards and posters directly within the game. Simply provide a link (URL) to the image or use a texture dictionary (YTD) to display your masterpiece for all to see.

The whole script uses a permission system to restrict certain parts, like the custom image creation, to specific roles.



  • 300+ billboards available around Los Santos
    • Display text and contact information for your advertisement.
    • Place any image (or GIF!) on the billboards.
  • Place posters on any suitable surface around the map.
  • Interactive map of all billboards available for purchase.
  • Business system: Produce custom posters for other businesses/citizens in Los Santos and manage billboards.
  • Simple poster job: Allows players to deliver posters around the city.
  • Create new billboard/poster images directly in-game: Supports images from links (URLs) and YTD files.
  • Fully synced for all users.
  • Supports ESX/QBCore/Standalone frameworks.
    • Business-related features available only for ESX & QBCore.

Transform the streets of Los Santos into a vibrant advertising hub with rcore_banners and watch your business thrive in this immersive environment!

Get script at:

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I would like to make a comment about the guy who helped me at night, I thought it was an incredible support service, that a programmer or one of the creators of the system took the time and trouble to assist me personally on anydesk and even chatting with me despite the difficulty of the language, it is admirable, sincerely my 10, he did not want to accept any type of tip, indicating showing a position with a very correct philosophy, that guy is worth it, the scripts are good and the truth is that After more than 1 year as a customer, this is the first time I request support and I honestly have more than 150 scripts in my keymaster, you are without a doubt the best team and the most serious IN MY OPINION That is the reason why I have bought 17 scrips here and I will continue buying, soon we will go for the new dance system. I hope these comments help you realize the good work you do…

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Had some issues with rcore_tuning. I was able to get help right away from @teb . Was very patient and helpful in providing files to help with the error. It makes me want to buy more from you guys. Thank you Rcore! Once again thank you @teb :glassheart: .

Code is accessible No, but important parts are editable
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 10k+
Requirements oxmysql
Support Yes

So why not just change the ydr and ydt files which is free to do? Seems like it’s just making process of changing textures harder too do.

I want to see you go through thousands of billboards on the whole map and restream their textures.

That is definitively an option.

This script brings much more, than just replacing textures.

It allows you to place posters made in an in-game editor, so your players can promote their business/services.

It allows players to run an advertising business.

It allows you to switch billboards while playing the game - without the need to restart server.

Overall, this script changes Billboards from something more or less static (and time consuming to change), to an active gameplay element, enhancing RP possibilities.

rcore is one of the best dev in fivem
Just buy, really.


Very insane script! Good work!

any FPS drops near billboards? resmon?

Not that hard, majority of my billboards have been redone on my server. With all custom lore friendly designs. Just go in codewalker and find billboards. Change the the textures in TextureToolKit and then stream them.

No reason to be defensive when I am pointing out there is a freeway to edit billboards in game.

Hi, yes, I apologize for my offensive behavior.

Anyway, what you describe is only possible by streaming and your server must be restarted because of streaming. Banners allow you to change everything dynamically directly in-game and also with image url without having to change ytd.