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لانك حريمة

i cant fly from los santos to sandy idk why i press on sandy and nothing happens but if i fly from sandy to los santos it works

oh… can you give me link…


if you put essentialmode = true, it says you don’t have enough money to the ticket

I have a problem. The airplane from sandyshore to int. airport is chrashing into the trees.

So I’ve tried to fix that in the spawn.lua
TaskPlaneMission(pilot, AirPlane, 0, 0, -1571.5589, -556.7288, 114.4482, 4, GetVehicleModelMaxSpeed(modelHash), 1.0, 0.0, 500, 500)
but the altitude dosen’t change. Does somebody has any idea how I can solve that?
Thx for reply and your GREAT WORK :slight_smile:

I have changed the landing point for sandy shore, so that the plane is using the airfield not the dirt.

To solve that edit the client.lua. It should be on line 47. replace the line to:
TaskPlaneLand(pilot, AirPlane, 851.8, 3016.51, 42.56+5.0001, 1657.07, 3238.21, 40.5669+1.0001)

As some maybe noticed the source code of the script has been archived, this means that it will not receive any more updates.

I dont really understand the requirements. What should i do with them. It cannot be loaded without them but i acctually dont know what is going on