FiveM Airports

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With this resource players can fly from Los Santos International Airport to Sandy Shores Airfield and back.



  1. Download the latest release
  2. Extract the files to resources/airports
  3. Add start airports to your server.cfg
  4. (re)start your server.


You can find the changelog here.


Screenshots? Also, is this AI pilots?

I think an explanation of this resource is highly needed.


i hope this screenshot answers your questions :slight_smile:


Agreed, I still don’t understand what this does


players go to the airport, press E, select a destination and a AI pilot will fly them to the destination.

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Oh, have you made sure it works with multiple players near the pilot? Last time I tried it it just broke everytime cause of tasks wiping when Peds get controlled by other players…

no, but feel free to report any bugs.

Yep, just checked your code, it’s definitely gonna break as soon as a nearby player takes for whatever reason control of the ped. Also you shouldn’t give the land task to the ped straight away, because most likely it will not stay on the runway before taking off.

@pongo1231 can testify what kind of weirdness AI starts doing when other players approach it, lmao

we have just discussed it, and we will look at this tonight.
Regarding to the land task: they don’t get the task directly, Pilots receive the task when they are close to the destination zone.

Its nice to have this…Thanks for the script man

Very nice, thx…since the NPC Taxi Script I search something like this. My dream comes nearly true…but i messed the Helicopter. Is it usually possible that you can include it, please?

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i would like to add another destination to paleto bay but im getting confused on the on these waypoints like this -1675.2446, -2798.8835, 14.5409, 327.8560 and this 881.4462, 3060.4829, 41.1682+10.0001, 1657.07, 3238.21, 40.5669+1.0001 can someone explain to me how this works thanks

Is possible to port to vrp?

We recently discovered this on our server, when a player gets off the plane they can not be hurt or damaged by any player, npc or weapon. Anyone else have this issue and is there a fix?

That sounds like a strange issue, however it is not related to the script, since it will not change anything on the player.

It is very strange I couldn’t find anything either. Not sure where to begin looking. I do have essential mode on, maybe that shrug. We tested on live and dev server I was able to drown how ever. But “god mode” stays on until relog. Thought it was the porting from airstrip to front of airport of off boarding, but it also occurs at Sandy when just walking off. So that theory debunked as well.

I found the issue in SetEntityProofs

Hello, how do you disable the protection of the airport and the godmod for the player ?