Fivem 4 gb ram

Hello, I would like to ask because I want to play Fivem RolePlay and I feel very stuck when I stand still, the fps are constantly falling.
I3 4170 3.7 GHz
GTX 750 2GB
4 gb ram
Windows 10 Home
GTA 2047 memory video
If you have any advice what I can do to keep at least 40 fps, please help.
I come from Poland and my English is poor.

One of your major downfalls is your 4GB of ram try to get 16GB of possible or atleast 8gb which is still cutting it close.

your i3 is probably showing its age but should suffice for the most part, your GTX 750 isnt the greatest but your major issue is your 4GB of ram you are probably using the crap out of your page file.