Five M Car Dev Looking for work

Welcome to RDHUB -Racing District Hub

At RDHub, we are a team passionate about 3D Design and scripting, with a focus on all things related to cars. Our dedication to our craft is reflected in the meticulous and detailed work we produce. Furthermore, at RDHub, we not only deliver outstanding projects but are also committed to providing ongoing customer support, ensuring your needs are met even after the project is completed.

I have a extensive Portfolio with most of my recent high quality works, You can check it out Bellow
*I also Have a Tebex Store Full of goodies , Dont wast time and jump right in to it :slight_smile:


What i do as a 3D dev ?

  1. Debadges
  2. Addon to Lore friendly Conversions .
  3. Handling with Anti kurb boosting , brake boosting etc .
  4. carcols, vehmetas, Carvariations.
  5. I do Police cars
  6. LOD optimizations
  7. Texture Optimizations
  8. Animated Lights For cars
  9. Dynamic Animated Lights For cars
    And much more.

If you have interest Send me a Message on CFX Forum

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Update - Still available