Five M begining loading screen spinning

Hey whenever i start up Five M they first loading screen keeps spinning and i have no idea what to do. I have tried to reinstall Five M but that didn’t work. Need some help.

Is it a new install of gta 5.

Is your Windows time set correctly?

No it’s not by im gonna try and update my graphics driver first that might be the problem.

I don’t get what the windows time has to do with it

Is it set to the right time/time zone, though?

How do i check that?

Updating my graphics card didn’t work what would you recommend

Did anyone find a fix? My buddy is having the same issue. Fresh install of GTA V as well as FiveM.

did anyone get it i mine is still spinning

I fixed it by resetting the Date & Time on my PC

For anyone with this issue delete
%localappdata%\digitalentitlements and %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat


how do I delete that

thank you so much it helped now i can play again <3

how do i go about finding this to delete it?

can anyone explain how to delete the problem?

The solution is marked as solution because it solves the problem… He did tellbyou how to do it, just take those two directories and delete them!!!

But where do i find them two directions at?

Just paste the two directories he gave you in the file explorer?..

all three of them that are there