[FEATURE REQUEST] [noHELP] RedM - Singleplayer

I would love to request the ability to launch RedM singleplayer to play the story mode - like we can on FiveM with(out) mods. Primarily this post is the feature request of single player but mainly thank you for your dedication to make gaming with mods possible easily and in a safe environment for every enthusiast in modding/RP

Since Cuckstar implemented a checksum for VMs or Streaming IPs like Blade or GFnow and after months of talking to RDR2 support(provided by zendesk) I’ve finally gotten in an answer as to why the game kept crashing on my shadow PC with the R* devs and they have stated that they will not extend support to PCstreaming, eg shadow, GFN or any others except for the Stadia streaming service.

When your interested in renting a cloud PC from shadow you can try it out with the promo code HER3LESK for 10EUR off for your first month, I highly recommend this service but please check how your connection is to their datacenters, as distance severely impacts your user experience.

Why do I game on a VM hosted by shadow? I do not enjoy financial liberty to buy a brand spanking new machine to play this game


Hey I am bumping this post so it will not be closed, - I have requested RedM SP because the R* PoS service installed a checksum to the latest update to essentially bricking the game on the first second it hits any loading screen when you depart from the landing screen (option to start story or online, options before you enter the game)_ Is there anything I can do to finally enjoy RedM singleplayer just to finish the story ? I can not seem to get RedM SP started

Second bump- however I’d like to take the time just to say keep up the good work. As everything progresses I expect more from this community(both FiveM and RedM) than the developer. Have fun and be open to meet new people o/

I believe there was some dependency game scripts had that wasn’t met and not trivial to debug that led to story mode not being supported in RedM at this time.

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Thank you for responding Bubble. We’ll see what the future holds.

My momma raised me well, so I came back just to say thank you for enabling the FiveM community to enjoy GTA on our own terms. Be safe and keep up the good vibes.

Has there been any progress on the single player?

No. Not at all, it’s not a priority and no one is working on it. OneSync and other features for multiplayer are still the priorities.