[FEATURE REQUEST] Increase limit of players for OneSync

As the technical preview notes: There’s currently a limit of 32 players being in scope for a single client.

I would like to ask the developers to increase the limit to at least 128/256, as there is an increase of players on RedM and the problem seem to have been solved on FiveM, where the limit currently is allowing (up to) 2048 players

May thanks in advance, have a great year.


RedM already support up to 2048 players on a single server, same as FiveM. Most likely you’re talking about physical players (i.e. max players in a scope) – FiveM support up to 128 players and RedM up to 32 players in a scope. As was mentioned before multiple times, this is planned. There’s a lot of complex game systems that needs to be patched in order to make it possible.

Hi, I understand that there are complex game systems that need to be patched in order to make it possible but don’t you think that this thing should be prioritized ? Having more than 32 players in an area will definitely make RedM more popular. It is hard for streamers to stream good content when the maximum amount of players in an area is 32 players.
I see posts older than 1 year where it is stated that you, awesome guys, are working to fix this.

Please be urgent about this, it is killing incredible content and gigantic servers, this limitation