Fatal Error on startup

Hi, I get a fatal error when I launch the FiveReborn.exe

I have a real copy of GTAV so I know it is not that. I even uninstalled and reinstalled FiveReborn to see if that was the issue.

This is the Crash ID: I receive [Window Title]
pΛ Fatal Error

[Main Instruction]
pΛ has stopped working

An error caused pΛ to stop working. A crash report has been uploaded to the pΛ developers. If you require immediate support, please visit something and mention the details below.

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[Expanded Information]
Crash ID: 0ce67474-1069-43b6-af7e-27673cfbdef7 (use Ctrl+C to copy)

It was working fine yesterday, although I couldn’t connect to some servers. I would love to see this fixed ASAP.

Try not to delete game RPFs. One of the x64[a-w].rpf files is missing.

Doesn’t work to me. Game crashes after few secconds. I have copy of the game right after fresh install and last update.

Also any attempting to alt+tab causes game to freeze.

I am sending last crash file.
f583a196-8ba3-4683-a0fe-8987eb106788.rar (522.7 KB)

Okay, it is working now. Now the next thing that is frustrating me is that I cannot join some servers. It gives me a steam rejected authentication: invalid parameter error. I know that steam needs to be running which it is, and I don’t have GTA through steam. Its through Rockstar. So I am not sure if that is an ongoing problem that is trying to be solved? I have seem a hoard of posts about the same error that I am getting, so far no resolution,

Can you please tell me how did you solve previous problem? Which x64 was a problem?

About that Steam - I’ve noticed, that some servers requires you to sign up on their webside. While sighning up there is a field called “Steam Name”, or something like that. When you put there your steam loggin, you should pass the steam authentication then.

For example at evolpcgaming.com it looks like this: