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Hello Everyone, hope your having a great day. My Name is Patrick C. I am the Mayor of the great County of San Andreas. San Andreas is lacking the workers to fulfill all our incredible positions. We offer tons of Tax breaks for all our citizens from jobs like Uber, mechanic, Police Officer, and more. Come by and check us out!!


FGU is a strict, mature roleplay server. We have zero tolerance for constant scene breaks. We try to keep the server as RL as possible but still have fun with events and what not. We are new but trying to build an honest community. If you would like to build our community with the Family please post below the following::

First name/Last Initial:

Are you a serious RPer?

You have a Mic and Discord?



If applying for PD, what office?

How much experience as an officer do you have?

How long have you done RP?

(Okay you are done with the writer part. If accepted you will be given the Discord and we will have a chat on there)

Thanks for your time,
Patrick C.
Mayor of the Family