Failing to get wanted level on playerdropped

I’ve tried this a ton of ways but no matter what I try, GetPlayerWantedLevel returns 0. I first tried wrapping source in NetworkGetEntityFromNetworkId == argument at index 0 was nil and have tried NetToPed = nil. This is the only attempt that doesn’t end in an error but it’s clearly still written wrong.

AddEventHandler('playerDropped', function (reason)
	_source = source
	local wantedlevel = GetPlayerWantedLevel(_source)
	print('Wantedlevel: ' .. wantedlevel)
	local license  = false
	for k,v in pairs(GetPlayerIdentifiers(_source))do
		if string.sub(v, 1, string.len("license:")) == "license:" then
    	    license = v
	MySQL.Async.execute('UPDATE users SET wantedlevel = @wantedlevel WHERE identifier = @identifier', {
		['@wantedlevel'] = wantedlevel,
		['@identifier'] = license
	}, function(result)

No matter what, that print for wantedlevel returns 0 on playerdropped while having 5 stars. I’ve also tried

What am I doing wrong that it doesn’t return actual wanted level on playerdropped?

i am still trying too but no way
hope some one make it like complete script

regards …

I sent you a working script in a response to your PM two days ago.

As far as I am aware, you cannot fetch a player’s wanted level once they drop - because the client doesn’t exist any longer (they’ve disconnected from the server) and as a result - you don’t have that information at your disposal no more.

I would recommend storing the player’s wanted level server-side and updating it when needed (for example when the player’s wanted level increases/decreases). Once the player leaves, just reference the player’s ID and fetch it from the server :slight_smile:

i am really thank you for it but it didn’t save the wanted level in database
also it give me this error in attachment
best regards

i did it in the script and it should refresh and update the wanted level from the server side …
i am still working on it and i waste big time hehehehe but still not working

That’s not the resource I gave you. You’re still trying to use the broken resource you had to start with. Mine is not called esx_wantedlevel_db. My resource is named esx_wantedlevel.

plz send it again i lost it sorry if i disturb you
thank you

Check your private messages.