Failed to Verify Protected Resource - Error with Purchased Script

When the server starts up on a Zap-Hosting game server it loads 3 resources I purchased. Only 1 of them is verified. The other 2 fail to verify even though I have the cfx key. The failed resources are syn_society and syn_mail. Both of them show ‘Failed to Verify Protected Resource’ in the live console view. That error is followed by a parsing error on the first line of the encrypted .lua file.

However, these same 2 resources load and verify just fine when I run my localhost as the server.

The server artifacts version is 5562.

I just noticed that the 2 resources that fail to verify are displayed without the underscore. They show like this in my purchased assets list:

Syn Society
syn mail

The one that does verify properly shows like this: syn_robbery

Could that be the problem?

Gamebuild version?

Your statement of the problem is not the problem. I’m trying to find out what this means as well. :slight_smile: Some people seem to have this issue, could be an unlicensed copy old version? Not sure. When I know. I’ll get back to you!

Failed to verify protected resource

Files were possibly corrupted during transfer. Ensure hidden files are copied; the .fxap file in a protected resource must be included. Some FTP programs skip these files.

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