Failed to handshake CURL error, What is wrong?

I need help my game is not letting me join my own server, even though it shows up in the server browsercitmp-server.yml (768 Bytes)
RELEASE.txt (1.4 KB)

Try connecting with localhost and see if that works.

You need to use direct connect when joining your own server.

It still did not work (check screenshots)

I see,

It seems your ports may not be forwarded. Make sure to forward 30120.

But why does it show up in the server browser then?

also, I have a mesh network called eero where I have to use my phone to port forward and I made the port i’m pretty sure

Can you join other servers?

Yes, I can join other people’s servers.

Then something port wise is most likely your issue.

well aren’t the ports in the screenshot correct?

Yes, but that does not mean they succesfully fowarded.

im having the same issue it started out of nowhere any ideas? Port if forwarded and reachable

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