Failed to connect to Rockstar game services

I set up a Zap server, and got it up and running fine, but any time I try to connect to it (or any server for that matter) all i get is "Unable to connect to Rockstar game services at this time. Please try again later. [Error: 0x10023194]

The game works fine normally, both online and in story mode. It also works fine with RDO Lobby Manager, which is what I had been using previously to play RDR2O (without having to play on their servers full of griefers and cheaters.)

I would like to play more easily with friends and family though, so set up a server, but so far, I cannot play on it. I have spent hours on Google trying to fix it, and am about to give up on the whole idea lol.

Thank you in advance for any info or help.

i have the same error

Finally fixed it by uninstalling/rmoving everything that had to do with RDO Lobby, REDM, RDR2 and Rockstar, including all folders left over after uninstall. Then I reinstalled the game and RedM and it finally worked.

Thanks for reply, i just remove the old red lobby manager and it worked!!!