F8 Game Console in FxDK does not allow enter

When developing in the FxDK and launching the game within the FxDK IDE, I can no longer use the enter botton within the F8 Game Console (inside the FxDK IDE while testing). I can type letters and all other keyboard functions in the F8 Game console within the FxDK, but enter does not work. Also none of the menu functions are selectable like Overlays, Launch, Quit, Tools and Game menus. Backspace does not work either.

BTW, the only error I see in the Game console error section is “Dropping duplicate player for netID1 (slotID 128)” and i have completely re-installed FxDX and the FiveM client twice. The second install I revmoved all the old files and only ran a clean resource with nothing in it. Same issue.

Any one have any ideas?

Don’t use in game console, FxDK has the game console provided in the tray w/ the terminal, there’s a resource monitor there too.

When looking at Game Console tab, Server Console is left, Client (game) Console is right.