Experienced staff member is looking for server

Hi there,

I’m looking for a staff position at a community. It’s state is irrelevant, as I’m sure I can help growing a community.

This is the short version. I have a full lenght resume and application for those whom adds me, and proof of anything that I claim in this thread!

My history;
I have 12 years of experience as a staff member, in multiple games, all focused around SeriousRP. I have roleplayed since 2008, and is therefore quite an experienced roleplayer, never scared to assist newcomers, learning the ways of roleplaying.

As claimed, I have 11 years of experience as a staff member, serving one of the biggest seriousRP communities in Garry’s mod.
Out of those 11 years, 6 years were spent as a high-ranked staff member (community manager, Head of staff, Senior administrator etc), anything above Administrator+.

I am currently working with a award-winning million-dollar game publisher, as a moderator (Proof can be sent as mentioned.) which I have done for 3 years now.

As for my time as a high-ranking administrator, I managed the personnel, disciplinary cases, general standard calibration, security concerns, non-technical development, escalations and high priority cases along numerous other duties. Alongside other projects, I were responsiable for HR (Human ressources), alongside with standard administrator duties aswell.

I read through every single ban appeal and admin abuse report. I evaluated every long & permanent ban, also investigated everything related to scamming, glitching, ToS and other zero-tolerance violations.

And now I’m looking to get into FiveM community roleplayes, as a staff member. I have few, but very important requirements.

The server has to have a democratic and dedicated, professional mindset.
Staff team and owner has to be mature, no whining around and randomly banning or weird excuses.
Preferbly 18+ owner, atleast.
It has to be serious RP, with a Life-like RP scenario, with economy. NO V-MENU server!
I’m looking for a high rank , and I have no issues writing rules, full administrator guidelines, RP guides, and other neccesary documents, both for staff and players, as long as the rank is fitting the expecations.
I expect It’s still being developed, it has proper content on the server, and the staff team is mature.

Besides working with administration for 11 years, and my current for 3 years, I worked as a nurse IRL, with specialization within communication and psychology, knowing very well how to de-escelate during I’m now educating as a Paramedic/EMS

Interested? Send me a message at Nadrick#1329
Thank you for reading, looking forward to hear from you!

If you can add me on Discord Piper#0002 we can talk!



hey how you going I am from Ballistic RP we are in beta stages of our server with stuff still being updtated when needed we have multiple differnt departments to offer and oe of them needs head of department we would like to see you around and join us with our adventures of the server. and we are also looking for staff members

feel free to shoot me a dm on discord. Tie#2377

this is the server if you would like to join https://discord.gg/JXY2m4T

Well hello I am known as Trooper Crabman and I have started working on a server within this week. We are in developmental stages as we speak and I have some awesome plans for the server. We are wanting to provide people an amazing realistic place to experience some roleplay give them some “DOJ & OCRP” like roleplay experience. I prefer you go on ahead and check out the forum post.

Hiya! If you haven’t found a server you’re content with, consider giving New Dawn Gaming a go! We’re a friendly, welcoming +18 community. We’re not about drama, we’re just here to have awesome roleplay and improve the server as best we can! We can’t promise any staff positions, but of course you’d be more than welcome to apply when we open up apps.

If you’re interested, here is our page.

And here is our discord link.

Hope to see you around, good luck server hunting! :slight_smile:

Everyone; Please add me if you wish to contact me. This is the 3rd invalid discord link within hours. Do not advertise your server here - I’m only interested in PM’s or discord friend requests, to discuss a possible spot-And then talk about your server.

Still searching.

your always welcome on my server :slight_smile:


we are not an economy server, but if you are still interested we are hiring for a Head Administrator, which is a position part of the Management Team.

If you are interested, join our DC: a54VxJA

Sincerely yours.
Azimuts Roleplay

Thread updated DEC22. Now looking again!

ScaredyKat#8900 Add my discord im opening up a Vmenu server and i would like some staff members :smiley: we will talk more when you add me :smiley:

Bumped :slight_smile:
edit: Please read through my requirements, I have had a lot of Vmenu offers, which I’m not into, it has to be economy. Thanks! :slight_smile:

check discord perms




Check out my post on my page and see if you would like to join @immoxb