Experienced player looking to be the Sheriff

Hi there, my name is Legendary, but you can call me anything but late to dinner (sorry dad joke).

I have been roleplaying for almost five years now and a good chunk of that has been on fivem. I got into redm about a couple years ago but left it because I got busy with life, and I am looking to get back into it. I love the old west vibe and spagetti western feel of redm and I am kinda sick of doing regular police work on just fivem and want a change.

I would like to be the sheriff of a town. I do have an extensive resume of experience in both redm and fivem in terms of law enforcement and leadership. I have been a regular lawman a couple times in redm but I would like to take it a step farther and be “the sheriff” this time around. I rather not work my way up for the 20th time, as I have done that so many other times, but I am willing to show my resume and talk about a position.

Feel free to hit me up with your offers, and I am open for discussion.

Hi everyone,

The person above is looking to be the “Sheriff” of the server. He does not wish to work himself up the ranks. It should be noted in his original post he notated Lawman, not sheriff, indicating a base level player. Thus, he was invite to play! Furthermore, after finding out he could not get what he wanted, he simply left.


Previous comment didn’t work out, so I am still looking.

You obviously didn’t read my original post. I did state in there that I was specifically looking to be the sheriff of a town in which you stated, “we are hiring for all positions,” so I came and inquired. My title was originally looking to be a lawman and perhaps you didn’t read past that so maybe that’s on me, so I decided to change it for clarity.

I was polite and curious towards your community, even when they continued to bombard me with the “just get over it and grind” replies. I simply wanted to ask the question to confirm and instead you are making it out that I am the aggressor.

I didn’t want to waste any more of your guy’s time or mine by pointlessly arguing so I simply said good day and left. I did not throw a tantrum as you are implying as I am an adult, and I am simply looking for a specific thing.

I believe this was a miscommunication on both fronts and for my end I apologize and will try to be clearer now. Good luck with starting your community.

I am actually looking for someone to hold this position. I just started it up not too long ago. Add my discord: 4evaTrey#2784