Experienced Developer | I can work for serious RP or Survival/Zombie RP/PVP servers!


I’m Hakan. I normally work as a software developer in the defense industry at METEKSAN DEFENSE company.
I have been developing scripts on FiveM and providing support to servers for 4 years. Most of the scripts I write are based on the zombie concept. I have developed many zombie-themed scripts. Additionally, I have also worked on hard RP servers too. If you need a developer, you can hire me.

My discord username : exdf

My Skills and knowledges:

  • Programing Languages: Lua, C#, JS, Unreal Engine with c++/blueprint
  • Others: Adobe After Effects/Premier/Photoshop

My Services:

  • Server Setup and Configuration: I will setup and configure your server from scratch with high fps & low resmon values.
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance: I will offer free regular updates and maintenances for my customers
  • Custom Discord Bot: I’m early verified discord bot developer ( i have a badge on discord). So i can create a discord bot for your server!
  • Map Design: My team members can create a map designs for you.
  • Custom Script Creation: I can create a custom script from scratch
  • Launcher For All Game Servers: I can consolidate all your game servers into a single launcher. For example, with one click from a launcher, your players can switch between different game servers such as Garry’s Mod, FiveM, Minecraft, Counter-Strike 2, DayZ, etc.

Here are some of the past projects I have worked on:
My Tebex Store
My Discord Server

We’re now available for hire

I’m still available for works. If you want to create a great community, You can hire me up!

If you want to create something different from other servers, hit me up!

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We have reached over 100 satisfied customers. I develop your server as if it were my own. If you need a developer, I’m available!

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Bump if you want to create unique server just text me on discord
discord username : exdf

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I’m completed my last work and i’m available again right now.

I’m completed my last work and i’m available again right now.
If you need :

  • Unique Custom Server
  • Custom made scripts
  • Server Launcher
  • Discord bots
  • Support/Customuzation/Fix

You can dm me on discord : exdf

And my tebex customer count(+400 customer <3 ):

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