Exclude loading a resource?

Is there a way to do exclude/ignore a resource from loading as part of a category without moving the resource? Perhaps something like prepending the resource directory name with a ! or something?

you find out a way to do this?

rename the fxmanifest in the resource.

This is what I’ve been doing.
I just feel like there ought to be a cleaner way. Cfx still attempts to load the resource.

you can also add stop name after the start

I thought of that as well, but if they want to ignore a car / clothing pack for example, loading it anyway might not be the best thing to do

:thinking: I’m not sure if it should. But even then, it’s not loading so you shouldn’t have to worry.
Why do you want to ignore the resources, anyway?

then i guess there is no method other than moving the resource out of the category or somehow affecting the manifest (as you said)

For example, if I’m updating a resource, I like to keep the known bug-free version around for a little while as I test the update, just incase I need to revert back.

I know there’s technically the right way of doing this, with git for example… I just felt like there might be a method of excluding that I just didn’t know about.

I’d be happy to create a pull request to include this type of functionality myself, but I believe the cfx server is closed source. Or at least I can’t find the repo…that’s where I tried looking for my answer initially–in the source code I couldn’t find;

FiveM, RedM and FXServer all share the same repository: GitHub - citizenfx/fivem: The source code for the Cfx.re modification frameworks, such as FiveM, RedM and LibertyM, as well as FXServer. :slight_smile:

The only files I found that looked like what I would need to edit were DLL’s. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough…

Any chance someone could point me to the file that loads the resources?

EDIT: think I found it

By that measure, wouldn’t you already be moving the resource?

I’m not sure what you mean.

I just like to keep things organized, and being able to keep a disabled resource in its place and easy to differentiate from non-disabled resources just makes sense to me. I would just prefer not to move things from where they would belong if not disabled.

Just need to add this to line 200?

// is this a disabled resource? 
if (findData.name[0] == '!'){ continue; }

I’m not a C++ guy… never touched it, so I need to get a compiler installed in order to test